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Who We Are

dnb-rm-examWhen opthalmologist David N. Brown, M.D. (OPH, 95), went to Africa, his vision changed. His vision for opthalmology, his vision of his family's future, his vision of life and the world in general all changed. They became more focused.

The groundwork was laid well before his first trip to Kenya in 1998. After completing his opthalmological residency at the Cleveland Clinic in 1995, Dr. Brown joined Great Lakes Eye Care, a group practice in St. Joseph, Michigan. If not for the group's "like-mindedness" and support, Dr. Brown says that he would not have been able to go to Africa.


"The physicians at Great Lake Eye Care have been a major factor in what I have been able to do," Dr. Brown says gratefully, noting that his colleagues are all like-minded Christians. I've taken long leaves of absence, working overseas in the developing world. They have been a major support for me to be able to do that.


Vision Outreach International was birthed several years later.  Starting from a Short Term Mission Team endeavor, VOI has now grown into a MAJOR advocate for helping the blind poor in under-served regions of the world. Not only do they send teams abroad, but they have developed surgical trainers who teach ophthalmologists the SICS (Small Incision Cataract Surgery) technique. They have also created an international network for collaboration and education through their web portals - Mission Eyes Network and Global Sight Alliance.


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