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hugh-taylor-smHugh Taylor, MD said it best when he said, "Give a man a fish - feed him for a day, teach a man to fish - feed him for a life, but teach a man to teach other's to fish and you feed a community forever." SEE VIDEO

In order to be fruitful, we must continue to transfer skills to other eye care professionals. With that in mind we have begun to train surgeons in the Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgical procedures. This is the technique that is used in remote parts of the world where providers do not have access to technological surgical centers. In recent years this procedure has gain international recognition for its outcome comparison to modern techniques such as phacoemulsification. SEE VIDEO or PDF 

In 2013 we started T3 Training. A group of faith-based surgeons who desire to make a difference around the world in both physical and spiritual vision. This group strives to meet yearly as we share and exchange the latest tools, tips, techniques, and wisdom that has been gained via direct participation in mission efforts. Other areas of training include:

Location based training: We have connected with excellent surgeons in Honduras, Paraguay, Swaziland, and the Dominican Republic. These surgeons work with one or two trainees at a time in order to perfect their skill and evaluate their outcomes. Some of the clinics are as short as four days. Others can extend for up to one month. In each case, we strive to modify the training to fit the needs of those who are learning.

Provider based training: Our Provider based training is similar to the training above with the exception that it is not linked to a location, but to a surgical trainer. These trainers establish their yearly trips to various location around the world. They have the connections and know the locations which they will be servicing. It is our job to collect your information and establish the connection between you and the trainer. These trips vary in location, dates, and costs.

MSICS Simulator - Vision Outreach International (VOI), with its subsidiary Global Sight Alliance (GSA), is working closely with Help Me See which is in the process of developing a MSICS Simulator. This simulator will provide a safe environment for learning the MSICS procedure all around the world. The first prototype is due to be released in 2015.

MSICS book and Videos - GSA secured permissions for Arivand Eye Institute in India, to produce their MSICS training manual in digital form. This 185 page training manual with 30+ step by step training videos is available for (iPad ONLY) and can be obtained at Global Sight Alliance 

We are currently working on securing permissions to release a PDF of the book for all computer formats, and to make the videos available on our Global Sight Alliance website.

MSIC web resources - Because of the demand to know more about this technique, we have developed a web site specifically for MSICS training. This site contains many articles and teaching materials which will assist surgeons in learning the procedure. For more information, please go to (make sure this link opens in the new website)

FUTURE - It is our desire to collect and offer training in the following areas:

  • Surgical Technicians
  • Circulation tips
  • Trip planning and preparations
  • Developing long-term relationships with in country providers
  • Adding a new dimension - Spiritual VisionInvesting for the future
  • Successful vs Fruitful



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