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John Cropsey - Personal Testimony

Listen to this video of John Cropsey as he shares his struggles to become a missionary Ophthalmologist.

Keynote Speaker -
John Cropsey, MD
Produced by Vision Outreach International

Monday, October 20, 2014

John Cropsey, missionary to Burundi, shared his testimony to a group of doctors and eye care professionals at the Christian Ophthalmology Society Prayer Breakfast at the American Academy of Ophthalmology

John grew up on the mission field and decided to become a doctor like his dad. Listen as he shares his struggles in REAL LIFE situations in school and work in becoming an Ophthalmology. In addition to his testimon,y John shares about his current and future work in Burundi..

John began his medical work in Burundi with no staff, no patients, and no surgeries. Since that time the practice grown and added six eye staff who have seen approximately 2500 patients and performed almost 200 surgeries. We expect this clinic to grow and become one of the top training centers in Africa.

Continue to pray for John and his family as they work hard to serve God faithfully in a distant country.

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