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rcRoger  W. Cabe, MNA

Roger began serving as the Executive Director of Vision Outreach International in October 2010. After volunteering for almost 10 years with the organization, Roger has become familiar with all elements of operations. He has assisted in 18+ international mission endeavors and is in charge of the daily oversight of the organization, its goals, and its mission. He also serves as a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Team.

ps2Phil Schingel, MBA

Phil currently serves as a part-time financial assistant, overseeing bookkeeping, accounts receivable and accounts payable. He worked for local business' in areas of accounting and financial oversite prior to joining the Vision Outreach staff in 2017. We are grateful for his knowledge and assistance in keeping our records up to date.



Denise Cabe

Denise originally served as a part-time financial assistant and later moved into the role of a part-time administrative assistant and volunteer. She helps in communications, quality control, inventory management, volunteer coordination and a host of other things. Denise at times serves as a volunteer on the Executive Team.


 jpJennifer Pullins

Jennifer is a full-time employee of Great Lakes Eye Care and serves them in Financial Management. She is a strategic volunteer for Vision Outreach International especially in the areas of finances, insurance, and taxes. She also serves on the Executive Team as a consultant and financial advisor and attends Board meetings.



Vision Outreach utilizes a number of strategic volunteers to accomplish its work both locally and throughout the world. We have individuals who assist us weekly in inventory management. We also have a number of volunteers to help organize and lead our international mission efforts, our MSICS training camps, our conferences, and our digital resources. Because of the help of these volunteers, we can accomplish much while keeping our administrative overhead to a minimum.