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Because of flooding and international terrorism several of our current missions have been canceled or rescheduled. Please be in prayer as we make these adjustments and strive to follow God in future plans.


  1.  GUATEMALA - MARCH 2018
    We will be working with Burt Bowden, MD at a Christian Surgical Center in Guatemala on numerous occasions this year.  This trip will be a second trip to the area in 2018. We will be restoring sight to the needy and training surgeons in skills to help them in future outreaches. COST - $1700 per individual.

  2. AFRICA - SUMMER 2018
    For security reason we have purposly withheld our location. We have served this area in the past and have seen a multitude of individuals make decisions for the Lord. Because of the need and the response we have decided to return. We are hoping to do 125 surgical cases. COST - $4650 per individual


    We have 17 individual, surgical training camps scheduled for 2018 in four different countries; Honduras, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Africa. Ophthalmological Surgeons can use this link to donate toward their training. Other individuals can donate toward our training efforts in order to help us sustain, improve, and expand the training in future days.


    We have developed a web portal which helps match Eye Care Professional with eye care needs around the world. We call this our Global Sight Alliance Eye-Harmony mission match. We have invested thousands of dollars over the last few years to bring together in ONE PLACE, numerous eye care organizations. Those looking to serve in eye care around the world can now find multiple opportunities from numerous eye care organizations. By simply clicking on a button, one can make direct contact with a specific organization or trip of their choosing. In order to maintain this information it takes much effort, energy, and expertise. The only support we have is from generous donors like you.

Vision Outreach International is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. All gifts are given to Vision Outreach International. The VOI Executive Committee and Board exercise control over all contributions and expenses. Should a trip or project be over-funded, the excess will be used to further the mission efforts of VOI. All gifts are tax deductible an non-refundable.